3Com Secure Fiber NIC

Kód: GG3CR990B-FX-97
Výrobca: 3COM
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3Com Secure Fiber NIC

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Security Offloads and Fiber-Optic Throughput
Designed for Windows, Linux, and NetWare environments, the 3Com® 100 Secure Fiber-FX NIC hardens at-risk systems without impacting performance. It combines an embedded security processor with the outstanding signal quality of fiber-optic cabling. This innovative 100BASE-FX connection offloads encryption, authentication, and other cycle-intensive tasks from the host CPU—resulting in optimal system and application response. The lack of electrical resistance makes fiber-cabled infrastructures particularly useful for reducing line interference or "noise", extending connection distances over 100 meters, or delivering the highest-quality voice and video transmissions. Intelligent management and server features help improve network performance, reduce administration time, and lower support costs.

- Works with fiber-optic cabling to extend operating distances, lower electrical interference, and resist packet sniffing

- Secures sensitive data at wire speeds—with DES/3DES encryption, MD5 and SHA-1 hashing, RFC 2402 authentication, and up to 75 Security Associations

- Hardware-enforced security features meet FIPS 140-2 criteria; NIST approval pending

- Supports larger packets—segments TCP frames for the Ethernet MAC and adds TCP sequence numbers to each packet

- Uses flow control to reduce lost packets and retransmissions for more efficient data transfer between the NIC and switch

- Responds to router-based management requests from sleep mode to help resolve IP address-aging issues

- Includes 3Com Managed PC Boot Agent for pre-OS management, including installation, recovery, and network boot

- Multipacks available; click on Pricing & Availability or Other Places to Buy for more information

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